Hey! I’ve got a new website, sans middle name:




I expect that this one will soon go the way of the dodo…






My novel Heart of Junk is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster. 

My short story collection, I am a Magical Teenage Princess, has received praise from The New York TimesPublishers WeeklyRain Taxi, etc., as well as the authors Chris Bachelder, Alissa Nutting, Roxane Gay, etc.

My “work” has appeared in Conjunctions, Mid-American ReviewHayden’s Ferry Review, Washington Square, etc.

I’m also a sometime critic for The Comics Journal and Electric Literature.

I have a Ph.D. in comparative literature and creative writing from the University of Cincinnati. I’m from Appleton, WI originally (like the magician Harry Houdini and the director of my favorite movie, Terry Zwigoff) and I now live in Cincinnati.